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Saturday, February 19, 2005


My cell rang frequently after every 2 minutes of interval during de Councelling. I thot it wud be de daily routine as usual. When i happened 2 see, it turned out 2 be from Home. Parents never used 2 call me early morning unless it is really sumthin important. As i wasnt able 2 pick up de phone during de councelling, i had no other choice than to disconnect de phone. I got a total of 15 miss calls within 10 minutes. GOSh, i thot der was sumthin serious.
De call comes again when i was in class, i ran out 2 attend it, it turned out 2 be my mom.
Mom : " How are u??"
Me : " Wht happened?? u almost made me scared?? How come all of a sudden?"
I knew somthin was wrong... i guessed it rite too.... She saw some dream of despair where i was invloved....dat waz de reason she called me.
Now tell me, Shudnt i be proud 4 havin such a luvely MOM. ;-)
Periods in de morning sessions were free!!
Got de ego problem solved between me and ->TMN<-,i accept defeat,dat wasnt becoz i am a loozer, but coz it was for F.R.E.N.Z.I.P!!! Well, she had de courtesy 2 atleast say "Thnx". She was casual enuf while talkin.
My toe seriously pained a lot tdy and it's still Paining, it surely made me limp de whole day!!! Guess, i shud go visit de doctor tomm.
Had a tuf time with de documentation at de DTP center. So many mistakes while printing. Taking a project report for de final sem will surely cost u a fortune.
I need to get myself focused on High Performance Network tomm as i have got my xam coming up de day after.
I finally helped SHL for his module. Thnk GOD!!!
I bunked de afternoon session. I cudnt imagine myself sitting for 2 hours and tht 2 Mr CN's class. Unbelievable. Its deadly BoRiNg!!!
Feeling damn Sleepy, got 2 sleep early so as 2 get up early in de morning and study!!!!
Quote 4 de day :
If a problem has no solution, it may not be a problem, but a fact - not to be solved, but to be coped with over time.